Monday, December 17, 2012

Dishonesty and Stagnation

I would like to begin this post by apologizing to Gerwiga, Edsabi and Demorest. For a long time, I have kept a secret that has driven much policy in regards to AHARM. About two years ago, in anger, Robert Hudson decided that due to the way people were abusing corp ships, he would take them so that no one else could use them. He told the corp they had been stolen and allowed a witch hunt to ensue. One of my corp mates and friends from other corps, Victor Vaughn did something stupid in this time period. He became an easy scapegoat but, I threw a wrench in that plan. After that, Victor was exonerated once it was certain that Gerwiga and Ed could be blamed.

Slumber has been buying and selling characters of players who do not wish to play EVE any longer for cash. He even tried to buy one of mine that I was selling for isk. RMT is a big no no and I confess, I did a character buy 5 years ago in the same manner. This guy however, is a character mogul. He has bought and sold more than 10 individual accounts that I know of. I am sure others that have simply disappeared have had similar arrangements.

For example: ---------------------------------------------------------------

  Channel ID:      -34647908
  Channel Name:    Private Chat (alone)
  Listener:        Zarak1 Kenpach1
  Session started: 2012.11.03 23:41:02

[ 2012.11.03 23:41:11 ] Slumber > hi z
[ 2012.11.03 23:41:14 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > this seems easier than a poke conversation
[ 2012.11.03 23:41:19 ] Slumber > ya
[ 2012.11.03 23:41:29 ] Slumber > you got a good price for him
[ 2012.11.03 23:41:30 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > good i'm glad, i only did some very cursory research and came to that figure
[ 2012.11.03 23:41:50 ] Slumber > what would you of sold him for reall us $$ .. in private of course?
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:02 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > i bought him for 100 bucks can you believe that
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:07 ] Slumber > real $
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:16 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > i have no idea
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:21 ] Slumber > thats what I pay for toons in private also
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:25 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > i know
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:35 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > you have never said it outright to me until now but i kinda knew hehe
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:46 ] Slumber > who did u ask?
[ 2012.11.03 23:42:56 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > no one i just saw the way you approached peoples about them
[ 2012.11.03 23:43:02 ] Slumber > ok
[ 2012.11.03 23:43:27 ] Slumber > if you have a cap toon and wanna sell 4 100 .. let me know:) or if you know someone else
[ 2012.11.03 23:44:32 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > the reason i am selling him is to pay without playing hard or paying real money
[ 2012.11.03 23:45:01 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > i figure 27 bil can go a long long way to getting me through school and keep almost all my capabilities
[ 2012.11.03 23:45:13 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > without paying like i had been
[ 2012.11.03 23:45:53 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > i will keep that in mind if i ever give up eve i will come to you about ALL of my toons =)
[ 2012.11.03 23:46:28 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > what made this guy flip by the way?
[ 2012.11.03 23:47:28 ] Slumber > sorry, back .. sec
[ 2012.11.03 23:48:10 ] Slumber > i am not sure about this guy - we just may be flying into a trap
[ 2012.11.03 23:53:48 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > i never used folks out of corp for this stuff
[ 2012.11.03 23:53:53 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > i guess we will see how this works out
[ 2012.11.03 23:53:58 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > at least we are just in frigs
[ 2012.11.03 23:54:16 ] Zarak1 Kenpach1 > and i jumped out of my slave set moments ago so there is that too
[ 2012.11.03 23:56:31 ] Slumber > closing chat z . I got other corp stuff tpo  do while waiting
[ 2012.11.03 23:56:35 ] Slumber > o/;

Now, to get to the stagnation part. Somewhere along the line we stopped punching above our weight class. This has been a major source of discontent and inactivity throughout the corp for nearly a year now. It became notably worse when Slumber left for deployment and Robert stole so much stuff from IRC that he never needed to organize anything ever again. Then, I had to leave because my wife was sick and left me with no time to play this game. That is when Nalren started rearing his ugly head and becoming chief paper pusher of AHARM.

At any rate, Nova is a skeleton crew of what it once was. For every active member there are 4 unsubscribed living in towers that others steward for them.

For the last 3 months, I have been telling Hathrul all of these things and giving them our ship fits.

Again, I am sorry Gerwiga, Edsabi and Demorest. The latter of whom has tried to come back numerous times and not been allowed to because we wanted to keep up the facade that our CEO is not a dishonorable man who can just take everything from all of us if he brought to wroth.


Now I can finally say what I want. Nalren, you are a paper pushing faggot and I wish I had had the energy to slap down your nomination at the time. The corp would of been better off for it.

Robert, you are a power-mongering cocksucker who lied to the entire corp just to make yourself feel better about taking the ships we all used on a day to day basis.

Slumber, I am sorry but for as nice as you are you are just as bad as these two for being an RMT'er.

I am a free man now and it feels so damn good!