Monday, December 23, 2013

Looks like AHARM chose ice.

 I never thought I would post here again but, the other day got me all nostalgic and I decided to look up some stuff. AHARM has diminished considerably since last year when I was removed. The corporation lost Nova for whatever reason. But, it was a slow death due to inactivity at any rate. It appears from posts I found through the googler that they evacuated Nova. They even tried to sell it and had no bites from what I can see. The corp even had to join the Norwegian's alliance (which I solely am responsible for from the beginning of my leadership tenure) just to give the last surviving members a group to hang out with and find activities to participate in.

I cannot say I am surprised by any of this. It is however, a little bit disappointing to see it did not all end in a glorious battle where all assets were utilized to the very end. Instead they chose to freeze to death in the void of unknown space. How sad.

It has been one year almost to the day since I was removed now and about 10 months since I quit EvE in general. I have more than 100 billion in assets to my accounts and I could not care less if I ever do anything involving EvE ever again.

I am happily married now and working my ass off to secure our real futures. I cannot wait to move further up the chain at my workplace and look forward to all the rewarding events in life from having a child. All of this would of been impossible had I stayed the field marshall of AHARM! Or continued playing EvE for that matter. Overall, my life is tenfold improved from discontinuing my presence in a fictional world. I limit myself to building spacecraft in Kerbal Space Program from time to time now.

I did however learn some valuable lessons in this fake world known as EvE. I know now I have the capability to lead and achieve my ambitions if I put the effort into making them realities. A very valuable lesson for the real world indeed.

RIP AHARM. It was fun until it wasn't.

Merry Christmas to all!

I predict by sometime in the next two years, AHARM will be completely gone. Possibly just Two Step holding onto some code by then.

Maybe I will write something again in 2015 to reflect on that prediction. Maybe by that time I will consider all of this to be such a stupendous waste of my time to even bother. Who knows?!